Apartment Living // My first steps toward being a generally more tidy person


Living in NYC inherently means you live in a tiny apartment.  I grew up in Australia with a yard and a pool and plenty of space, which you take for granted until you no longer have it.  Cohabitating with my husband (or as he calls me, his “roommate”) has led me to discover that I have a lot of stuff and previously lived in organized chaos.

In my effort to be a tidier roommate, I recently read the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” also known as the KonMari method (written by a consultant Marie Kondo).  The key takeaway for me is that you don’t need all that stuff you have.  I donated bags of clothes, shoes and other belongings that I didn’t use and that didn’t bring me happiness anymore!  Takeaway #2 is that everything you own needs its own space to call home, and that your living space should be as un-chaotic and as minimalist as possible.  Works for me!

I will be posting photos soon of my purged and organized living quarters in another post, which will hopefully be apartment-inspo worthy.

 – Lo

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