NYC // Ruby’s in Nolita

G’day and welcome to my faaaaavorite brunch spot.  I know you can’t really mess up avo on toast, but here it is just legendary.  As an Aussie expat, Ruby’s is my go-to.  They also have Vegemite.  Great food, with an Aussie influence, good coffee and it’s just awesome quality and so fresh.  I take my American friends here for brunch and it always wins.  It’s very refreshing for someone who doesn’t like chicken & waffles, or maple syrup and bacon for brunch. They do decent Bloody Marys which was crucial for one of my brunch buddies today.

NYC Jul 15 - 9705

NYC Jul 15 - 29

We had to wait a while, which is the case often in Summer

NYC Jul 15 - 31

Mike ordered his usual coffee – the Cortado

NYC Jul 15 - 32

NYC Jul 15 - 33

Balaboosta across the street is also worth trying!

NYC Jul 15 - 25

– Lo

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