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In celebrating Mike & my 1-year wedding anniversary, I thought it would be fitting to post something related to our wedding.

I am no fashion expert, but I think we nailed the mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses trend.

mismatched bridesmaids 2

For me, I wanted everyone to look and feel their most amazing and I wasn’t a big fan of having 6 of my friends and family of different heights, styles and sizes to have to pretend to like a one-size-fits-all dress I chose for all of them to wear.  With the girls being able to chose whatever they liked, it also solved the problem of finding a dress that was available with not everyone living in the same country!

I only had a few rules: pastel colors, long / floor length and you have to love it.  Choose your own make-up and hair style that reflects your personality.  Easy!  It was funny that everyone gravitated to pink/blush shades and then my sister ended up as a statement in pastel blue.





bosserman_wedding-0206– Louise


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  1. I love all of your bridesmaids dresses! We are currently searching for ours (my friends wedding). She’s letting us choose but the color has to be mint green/tiffanyblue. Would you be able to share who the designer is for that pretty pastel blue dress is?



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