Copenhagen // Amazing Restaurants & Tivoli

To say I love Copenhagen is an understatement.  The city is gorgeous, the people are friendly, fashionable and amazing, the lifestyle is a dream and you ride bikes everywhere.  Note to everyone: rent and ride a bike, it is the BEST way to get around.

Mike & I happened to be in Copenhagen for our 1-year wedding anniversary, which was fitting given we met in Copenhagen 5 years ago!  Surprisingly, he isn’t Danish, he is American but long story short after four years of dating and living in a few different cities all over the world together, we got hitched last year and are now living in NYC!

We stayed in a great airbnb studio apartment (link here) in Indre By.  We celebrated at nearby Höst Restaurant (there are a lot of rumours that Höst might be awarded a Michelin star), which is often touted as a great alternative to Noma.  We went with the suggested set menu and wine pairing.  It was one of the most adventurous meals I have ever had all in all, and we loved it.  More restaurants below.

The airbnb apartment:

H&K - 01Höst Restaurant:
H&K - 03

Scallops, ginger, cucumber and other delicious thingsH&K - 04 H&K - 05 H&K - 06 H&K - 07 H&K - 08 H&K - 09 H&K - 11

H&K - 10

On our second (and last) night we dined at Köd for Dinner.  I’d heard a few things about this new restaurant and when we unexpectedly walked past it earlier in the day it was a sign we should make a reservation.  Köd (translation: “meat”) is a new steak house in CPH with rave reviews.

H&K - 12 H&K - 13 H&K - 15 H&K - 16

We started with a meat plate, and finished with meat.  Fitting with the restaurant name.H&K - 17 H&K - 18

This was in the bathroom, which I thought was adorable.H&K - 19One night we walked to Tivoli Gardens which is apparently the oldest amusement park in the world.  It is probably the nicest too.  Tivoli Gardens are beautiful gardens (as the name suggests) with rides, restaurants and more.  Mike & I used to go on dates here early in our dating days so we went to relive old times.

H&K - 14 tivoli , europa - 01 tivoli , europa - 02 tivoli , europa - 03 tivoli , europa - 04 tivoli , europa - 05 tivoli , europa - 06

For lunch one day we went to Europa in the city center (on Strøget, the main street).  Europa serves traditional-ish open face sandwiches on rugbrød.  Strøget (one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets) has plenty of great stores and restaurants, but it was much more busy and tourist feeling this time than I remembered, but that might be because it was early-August and presumably prime tourist time.

FullSizeRender (1)

tivoli , europa - 09

tivoli , europa - 08tivoli , europa - 07 tivoli , europa - 11 tivoli , europa - 12

I highly recommend CPH. Now, go!


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