NYC // ABC Cocina

ABC Cocina and ABC Kitchen are at the top of my list of local favourite restaurants.  Located in the Flatiron District, they are a short walk from Madison Square Park.  Both restaurants focus on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, with ABC Cocina being a more Latin tapas style restaurant and ABC Kitchen being more chic/classic/up-town.  Both have GORGEOUS interiors.  Both are particularly expensive and particularly busy, I recommend booking a table well in advance (or do as we do and rock up, put your name on the list and be prepared to wait a while for a table or a spot at the bar).

Madison Square Park & ABC Cocina:

ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park01 ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park02 ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park03 ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park04

I love the interior of ABC Cocina.
ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park05

Here is Mike pretending he is not hungover.ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park06We ordered the sweet pea empanadas, ground beef empanadas and the fancy eggs benedict & beans to share.

ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park07 ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park08 ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park09 ABC Cocina & Madison Square Park10Enjoy!

– Boss

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