London // East: Deep in Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick is the peak of Hipster.  Deserted warehouses, artists, beards, tattoos and lots of edgy bars and restaurants that became uncool the second I walked in there…. Here are some suggestions based on what we did, saw, ate and drank.

First stop, Crate Brewery, an awesome bar and brewery in an old factory on the canal, serving its own brews and delicious pizzas.  Very hipster.  Next stop a short walk away, The Plough Bar at Swan Wharf, also very hipster. We had brunch the next morning at Look Mum, No Hands (very cute cyclist cafe with boss-approved breakfast and coffee options) which isn’t technically located in Hackney Wick, but it’s East London in South Hackney so whatevs.

East London Hackney Wick01

Crate BreweryEast London Hackney Wick02 Jono….East London Hackney Wick03 East London Hackney Wick04 East London Hackney Wick05 East London Hackney Wick06 East London Hackney Wick07 East London Hackney Wick08 East London Hackney Wick09

The Plough Bar at Swan WharfEast London Hackney Wick11East London Hackney Wick10East London Hackney Wick12 East London Hackney Wick13East London Hackney Wick14

Jono loses this round of table tennisEast London Hackney Wick15 Look Mum, No HandsEast London Hackney Wick16 East London Hackney Wick17 East London Hackney Wick18

Some recommendations.  I hope you get the chance to try them!

– Louise

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