Paris // 48 hours in Paris, France

Mike speaks decent French, I speak no French.  If you go to France, it pays to have someone who knows a little French.  Mike, having studied French in a cute town on the West Coast of France, wanted to live like the Frenchman he feels he is.  We opted for an Airbnb (link to the apartment here) to live like a Parisian.  This ADORABLE apartment was a perfect studio, in an adorable location.  It is located in the 7th arrondissement (we initially tried to stay in the 6th, but booked very late) but we were still very happy with the location.  It is really close to a Velib bike rack (the Parisian version of Citi Bikes, but much cheaper at I think €2!) which made getting around very easy.

We only had 48 hours in Paris, so we were limited in how much we could accomplish.  But with that being said we were very happy with everything we managed to do, and felt like we lived as true Parisians.

And now, by arrondissement, our highlights as well as a few other suggestions we didn’t make it to.

“The Sixth” and “The Seventh” Arrondissement

Rue Cler (the street / market we stayed on) – we also had croissants etc at Cafe du Marche right near the airbnb

Prescription Cocktail Club – a Parisian speak-easy with a second hidden bar behind a bookcase

Le Comptoir – An Anthony Bourdain recommendation

Les Cocottes – (a recommendation from a Swiss-American couple we sat next to at Le Comptoir the night prior). Mike claims this is his FAVORITE restaurant in the whole world.  It is one of Christian Constant’s restaurants (an incredibly famous French chef)

Eiffel Tower – don’t bother going to the top or getting too close, but cycle past during the day, and have an evening picnic and bottle of Rosé later and watch the sunset

Recommendation from ex-Parisian: Cinq Mars (restaurant)

Paris France 2015 01

The entrance to our apartment on Rue Cler (through this gorgeous blue door)Paris France 2015 02 Paris France 2015 03

Scarf by Kit & AceParis France 2015 04

Such a gorgeous view out of our studio’s window
Paris France 2015 05

Rue Cler
Paris France 2015 06

Wandering the 6th in Lovers & FriendsParis France 2015 07 Paris France 2015 08Paris France 2015 11 Paris France 2015 12 Paris France 2015 13 Paris France 2015 14 Paris France 2015 15 Paris France 2015 16

A corny Eiffel Tower picture…

#Paris at sunset

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A picnic at the Eiffel Tower at sunsetParis France 2015 25 Paris France 2015 26

Paris France 2015 23

Les Cocottes (a cocotte is a small, shallow pan) and most of the dishes are served in a cocotte here, hence the name

Paris France 2015 27 Paris France 2015 28 Paris France 2015 29

Back at Rue Cler, Day 2Paris France 2015 30

The First Arrondissement, Second Arrondissement and Ile Saint-Louis

Paris France 2015 17

We rented bikes and rode around the city, which was the perfect way to see a whole lot of touristy stuff really quickly, basically for free and not near the hoards of tourists!  We rode past Notre Dame, the Louvre and so many other tourists spots.  We looked from our bikes, stopped to eat and wander, and then got back on our bikes to ride to Ile (Island of) Saint-Louis.Paris France 2015 18 Paris France 2015 19 Paris France 2015 20 Paris France 2015 21 Paris France 2015 22

We stopped for Gelato at the world famous Berthillon (…obviously!)

The 16th Arrondissement

The Louis Vuitton Fondation Museum (lots of contemporary art, and the building itself was designed by international architect Frank Gehry)

The 17th Arrondissement

Roca (restaurant)

Paris France 2015 32

… And then it was off to London by train on the Eurorail!

Au revoir!  Lo xx

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