Apartment Living // DIY Edison Bulb Lamp

You have caught me pants-down in the midst of transforming our little 1-bedroom NYC apartment…

I am constrained by the following: size of apartment (=small), size of budget (=very limited) and level of interior decorating experience (=next to none)…  but here I am giving it my best shot!

Challenge 1: Sort out the lighting situation in the bedroom – ACCOMPLISHED

Disclaimer: I am not an electrician or an interior designer, so seek professional advice before you DIY!


It all adds up to a pretty inexpensive lamp if you ask me!

DIY edison light bulb

It is so easy.. Step one: install Ikea bracket to wall

DIY Edison Bulb Lamp NYC 1

Step two: thread through cord (without bulb!)  Step three: attach bulb    Step four: plug cord into wall and turn on!
DIY Edison Bulb Lamp NYC 2 DIY Edison Bulb Lamp NYC 4DIY Edison Bulb Lamp NYC 5

The bulbs have quite a dark glow, and in the picture above we used an additional light source we already have in our bedroom
DIY Edison Bulb Lamp NYC 3More to come on our NYC apartment journey soon!  Posters from Knowlita and Hu2 Designs

– Louise aka Boss and the City

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  1. Fab idea! I live the look. Simple and chic! Way to go. And I’d say quite budget friendly and easy to pack up for the next move! Have a great Thursday! 🙂 Best, Koko


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