Australia // My guide to Perth, Western Australia

Welcome to my guide for my gorgeous hometown, Perth, Western Australia.  Basically all you need to be doing to maximize Perth each day is:

beach. eat. activity. drink. sleep. repeat.

beach pics1


Perth has without a doubt some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and my favourite 4 beaches all happen to be more or less next to each other.  Swanbourne (“Swanny”), North Cottesloe (“North Cott”), Cottesloe (“Cott”), Leighton (slash North Fremantle).  15 minutes drive from the city centre, and it would be the wrong move not to find accommodation down here for at least half of your stay (I’d recommend Airbnb or some of the apartments available here, herehere and here).

sunset at #swanbourne #beach @theshorehouse

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Weather: Glorious

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North Freo. another day, another #beach

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So, now that you’ve started your morning right with a swim, run, walk or otherwise, it is time to fuel up.  Depending on what beach you are at, you have to try Bib & Tucker, The Shipping Lane (Leighton), Il Lido (Cott), Barchetta, Cimbalino (North Cott) and the Shorehouse (Swanny).

the last aussie #cappuccino before its back to #NYC @michaelbosserman

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sunset drinks on an unusually cloudy evening @theshorehouse

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a little acai bowl action with @annamony

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There are so many amazing restaurants in Perth for all your other meals and I think searching here is a good start.


The beach is the #1 thing you should be doing with your time in Perth, but, here are some other activities you could try.

You probably want to meet a Kangaroo or Koala if you have never seen one before, and if you want to pet one (and other badass animals) visit Caversham House, or Perth Zoo, or if you want to see one in the “wild” go to The Vines golf course and it’ll be impossible to play a round of golf around them.

Visit some of the awesome areas like, Fremantle, Leederville, Mount Lawley.  You’ll find plenty of cool shit to do there.


What are Aussies best known for, basically… drinking.  There are so many awesome bars and pubs sprinkled around, particularly in the areas I mentioned above (Freo, Leedy, Mt Lawley).  But one thing you MUST go and do is (eat and…) have a beer at Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle.

…. and do it all again tomorrow.

I hope you get to enjoy the spoils of my beloved Perth.  Check back in for a blog post in March where I am heading to the South-West Wine Region of Western Australia for a friend’s wedding!  Until then, I have to brave the cold of the NYC winter.

With love, Louise xx



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  1. Where is the ‘party’ section? Metropolis paint party!

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