NYC // Winter Storm Jonas

This weekend, NYC was hit with Winter Storm Jonas.  It was a record-breaking 2 feet of snow that made the city that never sleeps, more or less sleep.  I’m talking a driving ban, subways shut down, empty streets and silence.

It was eerily gorgeous and we decided to make the most of the snow in NYC.  Earlier in the morning before the storm got too out of hand, we took our rescue pup Rooster to the nearby dog park.  Later, Mike and I went in search of food and cocktails near us (basically everything was closed but we stumbled into the trusty Ace Hotel and its contemporary British gastropub, the Breslin, which funnily enough was the only restaurant open near us in the snowstorm of 2015! (So it seems to be our annual tradition to go there).

NYC Blizzard 201609NYC Blizzard 201604

The empty streets were unbelievable.

NYC Blizzard 201605NYC Blizzard 201614

Mike ordered the fried banana and peanut butter sandwich that had been soaked in whiskey, a Hot Toddy and a Martini.  I had the Brooklyn Gin Bramble and baked beans on toast (how very Australian of me).

NYC Blizzard 201606

The next day was utterly gorgeous.  Bright and sunny skies, people out walking their dogs and a beautiful, snow covered and quiet city.  Rooster adored the snow and played for hours with his friends!  With the underground subways back up and running, we ventured down to the Lower East Side to Russ & Daughters for lox and goats-cream-cheese bagels.  This was a trek, given there was much less snow plowing going on and the walk from the subway took about 30 minutes of snow-hiking, instead of 10.

Until next time,

Louise xx

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