NYC // top 5 coffee spots (spoiler: they are mostly Australian)

So, let’s summarize my top five coffee spots for some caffeine from some talented baristas. As an Aussie, I take this very seriously. Let’s start with Manhattan, because Brooklyn is a beast of it’s own and we can save that for another day.

map 2

1. Two Hands

Located in Little Italy-ish, Two Hands is one of those places that makes an unreal coffee with a non-dairy alternative. Think almond milk, but seriously delicious and they don’t fuck it up. Two Hands has amazing food too (note, it’s Australian). Opt for the epic corn fritters, the avo toast, or really pretty much anything on the menu!

2. Little Collins

Located in Midtown East and named after a street in Melbourne, Australia, Little Collins has great coffee and awesome food (notice a pattern here?). It’s small and in a very businessy area of Midtown East, but it is one of the best coffee spots in the city. Another great coffee outlet you can trust.

3. Ground Support Cafe

This might be the only non-Australian mention here, but it makes the cut for a reason. Ground Support is a Soho coffee joint with great coffee.  They roast their beans in house, and also serve food (I must admit though I haven’t tried the food yet).  After caffeinating here, you are in an awesome spot to go exploring. They have an awesome outdoor area where you can bring your dog, so come summer, I’ll be taking Rooster with me and hoping they take his photo for their instagram (because he is fucking gorgeous).

Caffeine by cortado #groundsupport

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4. Bluestone Lane Collective

BSLC is a cute coffee spot in Greenwich Village. Not only great coffee, but the usual Aussie breakfast culprits like avocado smash, baked-beans on toast etc. The group has a few other locations across the city with the same great coffee.

5. Hole in the Wall

Coffee that is “Australian by design, New Yorker by nature”, and is as the name suggests, a little hole in the wall type space. This is a tiny aussie coffee spot, located in Midtown, with plans to expand. Don’t let the location and suits fool you, this place is SERIOUS about coffee.

This is only five of many, many amazing coffee spots.  If you are looking for an awesome matcha latte, try Cha Lait (love! and their space is so sunny) and Gasoline Alley Coffee (their coffee is awesome too).

You can find this guide (and my other ones) on the Townske app.

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